Nutrition has been an important part of my daily life since virtually the beginning of my Bodybuilding career. I used to read every magazine and book that I could lay my hands on that gave any sort of information about what I should be eating.

Many years ago athletes did not have the luxury of the countless products that are available today: instead it was just about making the most of what was obtainable. I still remember the days when I had to take handfuls of desiccated liver and brewers yeast tablets, these were huge like horse pills, and to swallow 20 of these at a sitting was a workout in itself.

There was no choice of proteins; it was Casilan milk protein or nothing, no delicious flavours to pick from just a lumpy paste that had to be taken three times a day.

In the search for the best supplements to take I found myself ordering from several companies as some did certain products better than others, none really delivered the quality I needed, so I eventually decided that if I wanted the best I had to make it myself.

I started Peak Body Fitness and Nutrition in 1995 with my wife Kim. Initially the company was formulated to simply distribute protein powders and meal replacement products throughout the UK. However over the years the company has grown steadily and become one of Britain’s leading suppliers of sports nutritional products and fitness equipment, boasting a database that includes clientele throughout the world.

From its inception the company built a fine reputation with athletes from all sporting sectors, based on the quality and innovation of our products, backed up with solid research, dedicated hard work and fast and reliable delivery service.

To back-up the fine product range that has become the trademark of Peak Body Fitness and Nutrition, the excellence and quality of the people involved in the company ensures that the company can only go from strength to strength.