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I've been training for about two years and thinking about a competition, I think that my only main weakness is my front double biceps as my triceps look small, what exercises do you recommend to increase size on my triceps?
Mark, Sussex
Hi Mark, here are some exercises that affect outer triceps: Pushdowns with rope, behind the neck dumbbell extensions, Dips, Dumbbell kickbacks, One-arm cable pressdowns, behind the neck extensions, lying triceps extensions. Incorporate three of these exercises on your triceps workout using maximum controlled weight for about 8-10 reps per set.
John, I have been working out five times a week and stick to a strict diet, the only problem being is that I like to go out with my friends on a weekend and have a few drinks. I have heard several conflicting stories on how this will or won’t affect my training, could you give your views on alcohol please.
Simon, Leeds
Hello Simon, an occasional drink won't hurt. But binge drinking or having a few beers a day is not good for gaining muscle and losing fat. Alcohol is very fattening and it also retards muscle growth. So try not to drink that often or in large amounts if you can help it and you should notice a difference not only in your workout performance and overall condition
Hey John: I'm a 27 year old woman, will weight training make me overly muscular?
Mandy, Southport
Hi Mandy, the answer is No, women generally cannot get as big as men. If you are very worried about this, just stick to low weight and high reps. Using this method you are sure not to add to much size. Weight training can be very helpful to women in that it will increase the total numbered of calories burned in a day. So don't be afraid to pick up some weights, it won't do you any harm.
Hello John, I have noticed that you’re in condition all year round, could you please give to tips on how you eat to stay in shape?
Colin, Hull
Hello Colin, My diet has stayed virtually the same for the past 30 years; I’m a great believer in smaller meals but more of them. So...I usually eat three small meals and also add at least two proteins shakes in-between those meals. My diet consists of high levels of lean protein, around 45g per serving (chicken, tuna, white fish) and medium amounts of complex carbohydrates (potato, rice, pasta) and low levels of fats (usually derived for the protein). Consistency is the key here, as to follow a set diet will give great results, but make sure you stay on track as to cheat or binge eat will drastically diminish any results you have made very quickly.
Hi John, I saw a photo of you standing next to Arnold during some competition, how did you do against him in the contest and could you tell from the size of him that one day he would be such a bodybuilding superstar?
Mike, Solihull
Hey Mike, the photo you saw was from the 1967 NABBA Mr Universe, both Arnold and myself won our relevant height classes, then we went head to head for the overall title which Arnold won. As far as noticing his potential well it was pretty obvious as Arnold was just twenty years old and already carrying huge amounts of muscle on a very large frame.